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NotAMall™ is an eclectic mix of travel, commentary, unique products and more. Try a free quiz on subjects ranging from cinema to the environment or send a friend a virtual postcard from one of our travel articles.

Things to do, places to visit ... none of which will bring you to close to a shopping mall.

NewRuins ... the stories remain


America has a habit of rushing to the future without a pause for contemplation. Our physical history is bulldozed and forgotten within a mere generation. The buildings and environments that formed the lives of our grandparents are fast disappearing.

NewRuins™ is an American history project that seeks to uncover the tales told by the ruins of our young culture while paying homage to the beauty of what remains.


Much of the abuse we are leveling upon our planet can be traced to one simple fact ... we waste too much. NotAWaste is devoted to reducing waste before it is too late and our quality of life has to suffer.

If we do not revise our fundamental attitudes and expectations, we stand a good chance of being buried under our own prosperity.

The Opinionated Traveler


Pondering your next great vacation? Travel has become more aggravating and expensive but it should come as no surprise that the real Venice still beats a simulation in Las Vegas or Disney World.

Check out our travel articles for ideas and impressions of some of the worlds great destinations. Some are well known while others are often overlooked. We are not selling tickets or travel packages, just giving away our opinions.



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